Well Pump Service & Installation in Klamath Falls, Oregon

Here are some Frequenty Asked Questions that we encounter. The answer to your question may be below!
Q: Where is my water?

A: There are a number of possible scenarios. Some of these scenarios could be that your well is possibly blocked or your well pump may not be functioning correctly. Give us a call today and we can help diagnose and fix your water issue. We operate using a spider crane that enables us to locate and fix a well or pump issue that many other pump and service companies cannot.

Q: Do I need to do routine maintenance on my well & pump?

A: The short answer to this question is YES. Routine maintenance on all makes and models of well pumps is strongly advised to ensure your water supply is always ready.

Q: Do I need a specific kind of pump for my well?

A: Depending on your needs, the size and depth of your well & a few other things, there is a specific pump that you will need to make sure you are accomplishing what your needs are.

Q: How can I tell how old my well & pump are?

A: To the untrained eye, it may be difficult for you to detemine the age of your pump or even the size and age of your well. We are the pump experts and can quickly diagnose well and pump issues as well as determine the age of these items. Give us a call today and we will go to work right away!